a charming young woman, capable of being terrible

a charming young woman, capable of being terrible My name is Elizabeth. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

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"The truth is that disabled people have sex and disabled people like sex. But they don’t have access to the same advice and support as their peers."

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Jennie Williams via The Guardian (via plannedparenthood)

#wcw the incredibly talented, kind, and creative person I get to call my best friend.

#wcw the incredibly talented, kind, and creative person I get to call my best friend.

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sexual liberation comes not just from having sex

but from the decision to have your sexual experiences on your own terms

which can mean deciding to have sex with whomever and however many times you want

or deciding to have no sex

the empowerment comes from the decision and having that decision respected

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tbh no matter how many other bands i end up a fan of my heart will always belong to pop punk bands whose peak of mainstream popularity was in 2006

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i found the original pilot script for “hannibal” and i’m laughing because


winston is not an isolated incident

"No one asked, at any point, if Mitt Romney might give up on his presidential ambitions because he wanted to spend more time with his litter of grandkids. Fuck, no one even asked in 2012 if Tagg Romney would do less on the campaign trail because he just got two new babies. No one asked because not only did no one care, but because everyone assumed that things would go on as normal because that’s what the fuck people do, men, women, grand or otherwise. The only reason anyone is talking about this is because Hillary Clinton has lady parts. And, no matter how you wanna sputter, “But…no,” it comes out sexist."

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Mitt Romney Became a Grandfather Eight Times While Running for President and No One Gave a Damn (via samuraifuckingfrog)

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People will look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, “Now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.” Now that’s deep.” - Heathers (1988)

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"Our society has become so wrapped up with this concept. Our youth has become wrapped up with this soft grunge, sad, depressed, wallowing in our misery concept. And that’s what cool has become. It’s become cool to do drugs, and to cut yourself, and to starve yourself. And we glamorize these negative, unhealthy, toxic behaviors because they go along with other parts of our culture. And it’s unfortunate there’s great music and great literature but some of those things glamorize self harm and that’s not okay. Movies like Girl, Interrupted, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and books like Ellen Hopkins’ Impulse, and certain songs and albums. Different parts of our culture just glamorize self harm like it’s some beautiful, sad, romantic thing—And it’s not! And the problem is, kids wanna be cool and they wanna fit in, they do. And what this soft grunge mentality dose is give you something to be a part of. Everyone wants it. Everyone wants the desaturated pastel, black and white, smokin’ cigarettes, up ‘til three A.M. writing poetry in your notebook, depressed, beautiful, romance that comes with this theme and with this entity and the problem is that all these negative behaviors come with it. And that’s not okay. My objective isn’t to write your prescription that’s gonna cure you and tell you you’re okay. What I’m trying to show you is that you can be fucking cool, and you can wear leather, and listen to old Morrison vynals in your room, and stay up all night writing poetry, and run around the streets with your friends, and wear Doc Martins, smoke cigarettes—whatever, I don’t care, you’re young—but you can do all these things, and you can be a poetic, creative deep soul, and not have to hate yourself." - Ashley Frangipane (x)

YEAH EXCEPT GIRL, INTERRUPTED AND IT’S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY WERE BOTH WRITTEN BY PEOPLE WHO THEMSELVES HAD BEEN INSTITUTIONALIZED FOR THEIR DEPRESSION/SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND IF YOU’D ACTUALLY READ EITHER WORK YOU WOULD KNOW THAT THEY DON’T GLAMORIZE WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH AT ALL. (I can’t speak to the other two listed because I don’t know the backstories of the authors) like jfc criticize the way pop culture portrays mental illness all you want but don’t you dare try to take away peoples’ ability to talk about what they’ve been through because you misinterpret that as “romanticizing” it when they’re really screaming from the top of their lungs about how much mental illness sucks and how important it is to get help

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